Reference information: +7 (4812) 42 30 30
Reference information: +7 (4812) 42 30 30


Customs processing of excisable goods as well as of goods whose processing is in the competence of the Central excise customs

Customs processing of overall competence goods, including perishable goods

Rendering of temporary storage warehouses services, also for any customs representatives

Customs registration and issue of certificates for vehicles imported by private persons for personal use

Processing of goods subject to phytosanitary and veterinary control of the Federal Veterinary and Phytosanitary Monitoring Service

Customs processing of goods with the use of “remote release” technology

Receipt of certificates from the Russian Trade and Industry Chamber of Commerce in case of relevant requests of customs authorities

Advisory services regarding any customs issues

Certificates and declarations of compliance

Electronic notifying service
vehicle entrance/exit, providing of electronic copies in html and pdf formats