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Marking of goods by the Alfa Trans 01.062021

The Alfa Trans provide marking of various commodity groups and take part in the experiment, testing of technologies and business processes, as well as in the development of optimal solutions for the system of marking and its integration in use, based on Federal Laws No. 487-ФЗ dated December 31, 2017, and No. 488-ФЗ dated December 25, 2018.

There’s being performed marking of tires, cosmetics, fur coats and other fur wares, perfumery products, photography equipment, shoes and the other light industry product categories in the customs warehouses of the Alfa Trans. Validation of pharmaceutical products is also provided.

The Alfa Trans have all the required sources for the task accomplishment: warehouse space of about 30’000 m², parking area for 940 heavy trucks, all the necessary equipment, human resources of about 1000 employees.

The Alfa Trans can boast of the required internal software environment for all the warehouse management systems meant for the provided services recording and checking. Adaptation and processing systems have been designed for each customer individually within the frameworks of this program.

The Alfa Trans collaborates with the Unified National Digital Marking and Tracking System “HONEST SIGN” as well as with the hardware and software system.

OOO Alfa Trans Terminal received a new license and launched its second pharmaceutical warehouse with the total area of 1200 square meters. 26.062019
License ФС-99-02-007244 was issued on 24.06.2019 by the Federal Agency for Oversight in Public Health.

The address where the licensable type of activity is performed:Smolensk region, rural settlement Stabenskoje, to the right of the highway Stabna-Mazaltsevo (premises – 1-13).

Services that can be performed by the licensee in the sphere of medical products’ commerce:
-wholesale trading arrangements of medicines for human use;
-wholesale trading of medicines for human use;
-storage of medicines for human use.
Today the Alfa Trans celebrate a particular anniversary - 10 years ago, on the 1st of June 2009, the 1st truck arrived to the customs terminal to get the documents processed. It was done by our first customs declarants: Fiodor Bulaev, Oleg Jashenkov and Olga Berseneva.
Due to the business expansion of the Alfa Trans there was launched a new office in Sochi. 10.052018
There was approved a list of members of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 116 of 20.03.2017 «On approval of the list of members of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation». 21.032017
S. Goncharov, the President of the International Veterans Association of the Alfa Counterterrorism Unit, became a member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation.
Within the frameworks of the XVII International Exhibition “Customs service 2016” there was held the yearly federal contest Customs Olympus. 28.102016
OOO Alfa Trans Terminal became one of the winners in the nomination “The Best Customs and Logistics Terminal”.
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The 17th International Exhibition “Customs Service-2016” will take place on the territory of Pavilion №2 of the Central Exhibition Complex "Expocentre" on October 25-26th, 2016. The exhibition will be dedicated to the Day of the customs officer of the Russian Federation. 22.092016
This year the exhibition will be held under the slogan "25 Years of the Russian Customs: advanced technologies, efficiency and partnership". During the exhibition there will be displayed the latest developments in the sphere of customs process, progress in improving of foreign trade activity mechanisms, their compliance with world standards. We invite you to visit the stand of the Alfa Trans, which will be located in hall №5 in front of the entrance to the 6th room.
The XVI International Exhibition “Customs service 2015” took place in Moscow on the eve of the Day of the Customs Officer of the Russian Federation, October 21-22nd, 2015. 26.102015
Moscow customs forum traditionally attracted many visitors from foreign countries. Representatives from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, China, Latvia, Finland, Estonia, etc took part in the exhibition’s work. There were more than 100 exhibitors, among which there were participants of the foreign economic activity, customs representatives, cargo carriers, temporary storage warehouses’ and customs warehouses’ owners, construction and logistics companies.
Traditionally within the frameworks of the exhibition there was held the contest called Customs Olympus – a sort of a certificate of quality of services provided in the customs sphere. The Alfa Trans became the winner in the nomination “The Best Customs and Logistics Terminal”.
Governor ad interim of Smolensk region Aleksey Ostrovsky participated in the Smolensk customs office closing session of the 1st half-year of 2015. 27.072015
Aleksey Ostrovsky also arrived at Stabna customs terminal – the leader in introduction of new customs technologies. The head of the region visited customs and logistics terminal created as part of open-type temporary warehouse OOO Alfa Trans Terminal and underlined a constructive cooperation between the Smolensk administration of Federal Customs Service and Alfa Trans: “Alfa Trans is the key operator in the market of logistics services. It provides a lot of work places and to some extent is the face of our region. Many freight forwarders start their acquaintance with Russia from your company, from the way you provide customs services. It means that investment attractiveness directly depends both on the Federal Customs Service and customs brokers”.
Governor ad interim of Smolensk region Aleksey Ostrovsky took part in the opening of the Walk of Heroes in the Park of Memory of Heroes on 15.07.2015. 15.072015
The Walk’s project, supported by the administration of the region, was worked out by the President of the regional department of the Russian Designers’ Union and implemented by joint efforts of OOO Alfa Trans Trans, Military & Memorial company and OOO Memorial.
Addressing the public gathered to honor the event, Aleksey Ostrovsky underlined that the Walk of Heroes opening is an impressive example of concordant collaboration of the authorities, community and business.
Metropolitan Isidor (metropolitan of Smolensk and Roslavl) visited Stabna customs terminal. 15.072015
He was accompanied by the Federal inspector of Smolensk region Aleksey Bryliov. The purpose of their visit was familiarization with the work of customs as exemplified by Stabna customs terminal and The “Alfa Trans Terminal” warehouse.
«The leading customs and logistics center near Smolensk is an investment project of federal importance» (news magazine Vesti nedeli, TV-channel Rossija 1). 25.052015
Pharmaceutical products customs clearance. 05.122014
Alfa Trans Terminal ltd. started performing customs clearing of pharmaceutical products according to license No. FS-99-02-004291 of November 27, 2014.
Smolensk analysis and research department No.2 (customs laboratory) of the Office of forensic sciences – a subsidiary of the Central Forensic Customs Administration in Briansk – began its work on 01.11.14 in the territory of the customs terminal of the Alfa Trans (Smolensk region, Smolensk district, Stabna village, Zaozernaya Str., 35). 10.112014
The analysis and research department carries out examination and research of the following groups of goods:
-goods of organic and inorganic origin;
-phytogenic and zoogenic goods;
-light industry goods, etc.
The Alfa Trans took part in the XV International exhibition “Customs service – 2014”, which took place in Moscow on October 22-23, 2014. 28.102014
Starting from 2011 the exhibition is an official forum of customs services of the CIS countries and member countries of the Customs Union.
Mr. D. Medvedev, Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, visited the exhibition during the first day. Besides, Mr. G. Rapota, Secretary of the Common State of Russia and Belarus, and Mr. A. Beljaninov, Head of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation, took part in the exhibition’s work and visited the stands of all participants, including the stand of the Alfa Trans.
Customs clearing of goods from Turkey through the “green channel” 08.102014
Stabna customs terminal, where Alfa Trans Terminal ltd. is situated, is included in the list of warehouses of temporary storage which are participants of the project “Green channel” implemented by the Russian and Turkish customs services (letter of the Federal Customs Service of 25.09.2014 No. 01-11/45831).
The “Green channel” is an interaction of customs services of two countries in the sphere of completion of customs formalities regarding the goods originating from the Republic of Turkey and being imported into the Russian Federation with the application of simplified customs procedures (customs value control and application of risk management measures). Read more
Stabna customs terminal started to implement declarations’ automatic registration technologies. 04.082014
Within the frameworks of the “road map” “Perfection of customs management” Stabna customs terminal of Smolensk Customs Office started to implement technologies of automatic registration of declarations submitted electronically. Read more
Stabna customs terminal representatives have visited Repin secondary school. 23.062014
Traditionally at the beginning of the summer holidays Stabna customs terminal representatives visited Repin secondary school - one of the child welfare institutions which the customs officers took under patronage in the summer of 2002. Read more
The Federal Customs Service summoned an assembly on March 5, 2014. 12.032014
As a result there were determined the best teams of the customs authorities of the Russian Federation in 2013.
Stabna customs terminal of Smolensk customs service, situated in the territory of the warehouses for temporary storage of Alfa Trans ltd., won the second prize in the nomination “The best inland customs terminal team in 2013”.
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The Central customs management of the Federal Customs Service of Russia pronounced Alfa Trans ltd. the best customs and logistics terminal in the Central federal area.
The results of the customs authority best team contest. 13.022014
The Alfa Trans participated in the XIV International exhibition “Customs service – 2013”, which took place on October 23-24, 2013 in Moscow. 29.102013
The exhibition was traditionally held on the eve of the Customs Officer Day of the Russian Federation and demonstrated all the achievements in the customs business. Visiting Alfa Trans stand one could get acquainted with modern customs technologies used by the company during customs registration.
Mr. Sergey Prusov, the Central Customs Administration Head, visited Stabna customs terminal and Alfa Trans temporary storage warehouse. 03.092013
Mr. Sergey Prusov, the Central Customs Administration Head, visited Stabna customs terminal and Alfa Trans temporary storage warehouse situated in its area on September 2, 2013. Read more
The Alfa Trans management took part in the annual meeting of the German SME association Global Partners Bayern, which was held on April 12th 2013 in the city of Ising (Germany). In the course of the event the Stabna project was presented to its participants, as well as the film most vividly demonstrating its investment potential. German businessmen could become familiar with the conditions of economic operation in Smolensk region & peculiarities of location of production & warehouse facilities in the territory of Stabna complex.
The presentation of Smolensk region economic potential took place in Berlin on the 21st of February 2013. During the presentation the Alfa Trans introduced its investment project – Transport and Logistics Industrial Complex Stabna. A detailed information concerning the event you can find on the official site of the administration of Smolensk region.
On the 22nd of May the State Secretary of the Union State Grigorii Alekseevich Rapota visited the Customs-Logistic Terminal of "Alfa Trans" of Companies situated in Smolensk district. More information about this event at the official site of the Union State.
The Stabna Customs Station - is the best team in Russia according to the 2011 results. 14.032012
The workers of the Stabna Customs Station (the Smolensk Customs of the Central Customs Department of the Federal Customs Service of Russia), situated on the TSW "Alfa Trans Terminal" territory, proved their professionalism having won the first place in the competition hold by the FCS at the end of year 2011. They gained the victory as "The Best Collective of the inner customs station" which is recorded by FCS Order № 300 from February 20, 2012.
Our clients can be sure that we are working with the best customs officers.
The Governor of the Smolensk region congratulated the customs offices on professional achievements.
From the 1st of March, 2012 our clients can fulfill the customs clearance of goods placed on the TSW “Alfa Trans Terminal” using the “remote clearance” technology at any customs body of The Russian Federation authorized to register customs declarations on the basis of Russian FCS order № 845 dated as of April 22, 2011.
Reference information on customs clearance using the “remote clearance” technology: +7 910 713-03-37 (24-h).
For clients' convenience of the Smolensk Excise Station of the Central Excise Customs the reestablished inter-district Department for State Motor - Vehicle Inspection and Registration - Examination Work of the State Traffic Safety Inspection, the office branch #1, began to work. It well-situated close to TSW OOO "Alfa Trans Terminal", address: Zaozernaya Street, 35, Stabna village, Smolensk region, Smolensk district. Motor-vehicle deregistration and registration takes one day.